Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meal Plan September 11- 17

Last week was another crazy week. We had some added expenses which came out of our food/household budget. So for the rest of the month, it's going to be tight as we do our best to avoid dipping into savings.

We mostly stuck to our meal plan. We enjoyed: Cajun chili, falafel wraps, chicken salad sandwiches, broccoli and cheese soup, buffalo wraps, homemade pizza and leftovers.

Homemade Falafel

On our menu this week:
Quiche (Bacon/Spinach)
Falafel Wraps/ Homemade Onion rings with veggies
Pasta with spicy Italian Sausage and homemade garlic bread
BBQ Chicken, Homemade cornbread, corn casserole, veggies

Tomorrow: I will be posting a tour of my pantry and food storage.


  1. Good afternoon Nora! I have seen the falafel wraps on your menu plan a couple times now, never bothered to look because I had no clue what they were!! I did look today though, and I think we would enjoy these, when I finally make them I'll let you know! Thanks!!

  2. April,

    Thanks for stopping by! Falafel is so yummy and easy! I also really love the falafel mix i linked to in my post!


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