Friday, September 28, 2012

Sam's Price List

I recently added my Sam's Club Price List to the website.

How I use my price list:

* I print it out and go through my pantry/freezer to figure out what needs to be replaced
* Since I know how much everything costs, I know what I'm going to spend before I even get to the store.
* If my Sam's is out of a particular item, I substitute another item at a similar price. 
* I use it to compare sale prices at other stores. .5oz of Crasians for $1 seems like a good deal until I compare it to my Sam's price list, where I can get 48oz for $8

Things I don't buy at Sam's:
*Clothing -I generally don't feel it's a good deal unless it's marked down
*Most fruits and vegetables, my Sam's doesn't do a great job of keeping things fresh
* Fresh meat- we can get better prices on local, organic meat
* Anything we don't regularly use or that we wouldn't use it up before it expires

Check out my Sam's Price List :)

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