Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Vitacost Order

What I bought:
Coconut Water
Vitacost Brand Stevia Powder
Native Forest Organic Whole Coconut Milk
Earthpaste, Cinnamon
Desert Essence Organics, Coconut Lotion
Organic Lemon Juice
Whole Sweeteners Coconut Palm Sugar
Whole Sweeteners Organic  Sugar
Newman's Own Organic Black Tea
Neem Face Lotion
Thyroid Plus
B-12 Extended Release
Amazing Grass Green Super foods in Orange Dream
Miracle Noodles

This order will  last me anywhere between 4-6 months.  The miracle noodles are the only new product that I haven't tried before. My hubby loves pasta but he is  gluten free with me (by default) so i thought this might be an alternative to the brown rice pasta (which is ok). Feel free to ask me about any of the products i bought in the comments.

  If you are interested in saving money at Vitacost, join their referral program. Anytime you refer a friend and they place an order of $30+. You get $10  and they get $10.  Vitacost generally offers free shipping on order $49+. Right now they are offering all Vitacost brand supplements Buy 1, Get 1 1/2 off.  We have yet to be disappointed in anything with the Vitacost label.

What healthy items do you like to keep on hand?

Disclaimer: I've included my referral link. I will earn $10 if you sign up through my link. Thanks for supporting my site. 


  1. What do you use the earthpaste and neem for?


    1. Earthpaste is a natural toothpaste that is safe to swallow. I have tried the Wintergreen flavor and it's wonderful. I have an busted thyroid and some of the things in regular toothpaste can make my condition worse. I also like this brand because the whole family can use it, no "special" toothpaste for little ones learning to brush. Vitacost has the best price ($3.89-$4.50) vs $6-$8 at other places.

      Neem can be used for a lot of things, fungal infections, acne, and general overall health. if you are interested in trying it I would do your own research to see if it's right for you.

  2. what is the amazing grass stuff?

    1. It's a supplement powder. It tastes great with milk or water.


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